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October 2005

Arrived and kicking.

rain 13 °C

Three days in a nutshell:

Long journey, bad airline food, little sleep, wonderful arrival, terrible accommodations, noisy neighbours, early morning, breathtaking (and a bit nauseating) journey up the Antrim coast, incredible Giant's causeway, beautiful sunshine, Ulster Fry, rain, rain, rain, lots of walking, two rolls of film, preparing for Donegal, lots of talking, no unsweetened juice to be found, plenty of beer (and wine), damp, damp, and damp, wrong hairdryer adapter, having a good time, wish you were here!


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Four more sleeps!

And a lot of packing to go.

sunny 8 °C

I think it's all done now, save for the packing. I can't help it - I'm my father's daughter, doomed to plan ahead and have more information than I know what to do with "just in case". But despite long hours finishing up at work and an inability to fall asleep till well past midnight, I'm excited and anxious and ready to go. "Four more do-dos!" as they say here in Quebec. Four more sleeps and I'll be on my way back to Ireland (and Giant's Causeway, at last!!).

The itinerary looks something (well, pretty much exactly) like this:

Oct. 25
- Debby's driving me to Ottawa (Miranda may come along with little Emilia, and althouh I love them both dearly and really want their company, Miranda is notoriously late - the 2-hour kind of late. I've warned Debby that any waiting around will cuase me to lose my lunch in her car the entire ride.)

- Flight from Ottawa to Toronto at 5

- Flight from Toronto to Belfast at 11

- Arrive Belfast at noon Wednesday

Oct. 27
- Up early to visit Giant's Causeway and some amusement park that's supposed to be cheesy and fun.

Oct. 28 - 30
- Weekend in Donegal (Donny-Gal? Don-a-gal? Dawn-uh-gal??) with Neal, his brother Philip and his girlfriend Emma

Oct. 31-Nov. 3
- Belfast - both on my own while Neal's in class, and with the Cunninghams on a trip to the Mournes. Nothing planned for the rest of the time - reseeing the stuff I liked the first time round.

Nov. 4 10 6
- Dublin! First night booked at The Marina hostel, and second night tentatively staying with Neal's friend Michael right downtown. WIll meet Phil and hopefully a few other TPers on the Saturday (day and/or night!)

Nov. 7
- Fly Belfast to Paris, take train from St. Lazarre to Caen
- Booked 5 nights (may have to cancel 1) at le St. Etienne for an unbelievable 23 Euro a night (it's a hotel! a nice one!)

Nov. 7 - 11
- Caen
- Mont St. Michel
- D-Day beaches and war cemetaries (I'm a cemetary freak)
- Rembrance Day on Juno Beach

Nov. 11
- train back to Paris, sleep in airport, maybe venture out to see Paris again (can one safely tour Paris in the middle of the night??)

Nov. 12
- fly home at 8 a.m.

Hopefully I'll be able to post now and then while I'm gone. Back to work, now, else I'll be here all night on a letter-writing marathon...

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rain 9 °C

I get home yesterday to find a $50 voucher for WestJet, coursesy of my close and personal friend MasterCard. But I've already booked my WestJet flight from Ottawa to Toronto - which set me back $140 #&*#*& Canadian bucks. It was better than Montreal-Toronto, however, at nearly $200. And that's for a one-way flight!

So after a long chat with an overly friendly WestJet lady (are they trained to be so happy?), turns out I booked too early to take advantage of the voucher. Everything else she would have let slip - I already booked, it was put on my friend's company card, I couldn't find my reservation number. BUT! Too early, so sorry, have a very nice day, dear.

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Indian Summer

Please, please, please don't let it end...

27 °C

Today is the 6th of October and the weather man has given us a rare gift. It is 27 degrees C today. It is hot and humid and so sunny you can't spot a cloud. It's been like this since last Saturday, when we sat outside on the porch in the country, absolutley amazed at the heat of the October sun and wishing we'd thought to bring t-shirts. The trees on the mountains were changing colours in the blink of an eye, but here we were as if it were the middle of August. It's odd and a bit unsettling, this Indian Summer business, but I'm hanging on to every last bit of it.

It's all supposed to end tonight, broken apart by a weekend of rain. But I don't want to believe it. I don't. Because after the rain comes more rain, and then colder rain, until one day you look out the window and squint really hard only to realize it's not rain any more. Suddenly the cold, wet slop has given up completely and the snow is here to stay. And not just pretty Holiday snow! Six bloody long months of snow, melting snow, sideways-blowing snow, snowstorms, slush, hail, snow in your boots, snow down your neck, snow on the carpet, snow on the floor, and finally melted snow soaked up into your socks.

So tonight I'm going to take advantage of this small unexpected gift. It can rain all it wants tomorrow. It's been a long, lovely summer.

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